We help credit institutions and finance companies to meet the challenges of transforming their finance functions in the areas of financial performance management, finance/risk convergence, accounting for financial instruments (IFRS 9), regulatory compliance and financial statement production.

Through our subsidiary FBH Associés, we are also able to mobilize quantitative engineers in the fields of financial modeling and ALM.

We maintain a technological watch on solutions relevant to this sector: accounting interpretation (AXWAY, ISIE...), economic management (ANAPLAN, TAGETIK...), data (ALTERYX, POWER BI, TABLEAU...). We invest in the training and certification of our staff in these technologies.


We support insurance and reinsurance companies, mutual insurers and provident institutions in adapting their value chain to accounting and regulatory requirements, market developments, competitive and financial pressures, and technological opportunities.

We handle all finance function projects: technical accounting, investment accounting, accounting migration, consolidation, implementation of accounting standards (IFRS 17), reinsurance management, risk modeling, actuarial work...

Through our subsidiary FBH Associés, we master cutting-edge technological issues in the field of Data and tools specific to the insurance sector: SAS, R language...

Industry & Services

We help industrial players meet the two main challenges facing their finance departments: controlling costs and increasing the productivity of the finance function.

On the first front, we are improving management dialogue between operational staff and management controllers by deploying Activity-Based Costing methodologies and implementing the associated tools (MyABCM, SAS ABM, TAGETIK, etc.).

In the second area, we contribute to the transformation of the finance function and the improvement of process efficiency. We support our customers in the international deployment of numerous ERP systems (NetSuite, Sage, Unit 4, Workday...): functional analysis, specifications, project management, acceptance, post-deployment and training.

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