CTF CONSEIL supports your teams in the financial transformation of your company.

We prefer pragmatism to functional sophistication, and we co-construct the target organization with your teams, which is the best way to drive change.

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We mobilize tightly-knit teams of functional experts and senior consultants with a thorough understanding of our customers' technological environment. "Pragmatic and results-oriented", CTF CONSEIL teams listen to their customers, their needs and their constraints. Each employee has access to the firm's document repository, which centralizes our methodological tools, standard deliverable formats and capitalizes on our financial, regulatory, normative, methodological and technological knowledge. We maintain a regulatory watch in the banking, insurance and social protection sectors, enabling us to anticipate regulatory developments, train our staff and meet our customers' needs in this field.

Each year, CTF CONSEIL invests over 5% of its payroll in continuing training. In addition to individual training, we have set up a plenary Summer University to provide systematic training on topical issues for all our staff. We encourage employees who wish to take the Diplôme d'Expertise Comptable (DEC): 15% of our workforce have already obtained or are in the process of obtaining the DEC.


CTF CONSEIL is registered with the French Order of Chartered Accountants (l'Ordre des Experts Comptables), and is radically different from IT services companies and fat four firms. We place our independence at the service of our customers, so that they can benefit from the advice best suited to their needs. Our services are pragmatic and focused, based on our regulatory watch without being dogmatic.

We're committed to the traditional way of doing business: there's no sales or marketing department within our organization, and all staff play a role in the development of the company, from identifying opportunities to launching new services.

In our internal operations, we favor simplicity and flexibility: no useless meetings or off-putting reporting. Instead of bureaucratic formalism, we prefer proximity, informality and responsiveness. All our time is devoted to our customers' projects and the development of our employees.


We are experts in both the financial services industry and new technologies. This dual expertise enables us to deliver tangible results quickly, to deploy digital solutions tailored to our customers' needs and resources, to avoid mistakes and to remove potential obstacles within financial and IT teams.

To maintain this capacity for innovation, since the creation of our firm we have encouraged:
- The free flow of skills and ideas within our firm: our staff alternate between providing expert advice and assistance on subjects that are always at the cutting edge of our customers' issues.
- The training of our staff, particularly in the field of Data, and the passing of professional certifications in financial or regulatory fields.
- Innovation and development of new offerings: project management methodologies, auditing techniques, new technologies, etc.
- Participation of our staff in working groups and initiatives in the financial sector.
- Development of our relations with research and business schools.



CTF CONSEIL's ambition is to be a player in a world on the move, a company attentive to changes in society, in tune with its concerns and anticipating its needs. We participate in the initiatives of the Pacte PME, a joint-governance association created by 56 major public and private accounts, as well as 42 professional organizations and competitiveness clusters.

As a service provider, we know that our greatest asset is our people. That's why we've been pursuing a proactive human resources management policy for many years, focusing on improving working conditions, training and career management. The result? One of the lowest attrition rates in the sector.

CTF CONSEIL is also committed to theinclusion of people with disabilities. In this context, we support NEOMA Business School's Mission Handicap in the acquisition of equipment, awareness-raising and the professionalization of its students.

The energy transition is now a reality. Administrations, companies, consumers, citizens: everyone has a role to play in achieving greater energy sobriety. In its own way, CTF CONSEIL wants to make an active contribution to this transition by adopting responsible behavior through the actions of its staff, the goods it equips and the buildings it occupies. For example, CTF CONSEIL recommends that its employees and partners give priority to thecircular economy in their purchasing. This is why CTF CONSEIL sponsors the ECOLOPHONE website.

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